EPIC Topwater Popper Fishing!

Winter Fishing in South Florida, can be extremely hit or miss especially when it comes to offshore fishing.

With heavy NE winds and cold fronts rolling through on a weekly basis the bite can get cold, but heats up for others. I have always heard of the Giant Jack
Crevalles that roam the Palm Beach inlet in the Winter and Spring months. These are real brutes of fish that will test your gear in the ultimate way, especially off of the rocks!


We got word that the Jacks were solid at the inlet, so a couple of buddies and I quickly headed over the to the inlet. My first two casts immediately resulted in hook ups! We were throwing anything we could find in our tackle box and they would eat it. The more noise, commotion and water it threw, the more of a response we received from the Jacks. 

Undoubtedly though the best lure were the Tsunami Poppers we were throwing! These enticed a bite like no other and seeing these broad shouldered fish charge our wooden plugs and smack them out of the water is simply breathtaking. It would get any fishermen excited! 

As a fishermen nothing is more exciting than watching fish demolish a popper on top of the water. We ended up harvesting the Jack Crevalle for future Shark Fishing Trips. These fish are unregulated in the state of Florida and have no size limit. 

Here are the links to the Fishing Gear used in the Video: