EPIC Fishing Moments of 2017: Best of Landshark Fishing

Where do I begin?

2017 was an absolutely EPIC year for me as it included many changes in my life one of which included pursuing youtube as a full time career! I quit my part job, made some major life decisions to not attend professional school which Will be discussed in a future blog and frankly had the most fun I have had in my twenties thus far.

The fishing was great, but the company was even better and that is why I love what I do! I met an incredible amount of subscribers, fans and new business partners that I couldn't trade for anything of monetary value. The amount of support you all gave me was incredible and I'm very grateful! 

I launched my own line of shirts, went to the Bahamas for the first time in my life, traveled a 1,000 miles on an impromptu trip with my two good buddies to tackle a fishery I had only dreamed of and so much more! 

Moving into 2018 I entered a volatile career field that required lots of creativity and hard work, if one wanted to be successful and this is one reason I launched this blog and this site. I have set my goals high and want to diversify both in my video content, as well as the Landshark Fishing brand. I will be taking you all along for the ride, revealing the steps I take to help me succeed. 

We now live in a world where doing what you genuinely love is no longer a dream but a reality. I will be showing you the steps I have taken and will continue to take to succeed in this career field and hopefully it may be of help to others who want to take the leap of faith themselves. 

Thank you all for frankly the best year of my life, and allowing me to do what I love!

Buckle up, 2018 is going to be a wild ride!